Yes I went to Handmade Arcade this past Saturday.   And yes I made THIS:

Hello, Beyonce!

Thanks Handmade Arcade for the complimentary pillow.  Any suggestions for its use?

There were also some purchases made, besides some covert planning for the future. Of course, I cannot show all because it might ruin the surprise; however, I will show you this lovely print:

Sea Owl by Kathleen Lolley

It’s for our wee little lass.  Daddy will make a frame and she’ll find it under the Yule tree but since she doesn’t read this yet, we won’t ruin the surprise by showing it off.   Oh, and you can find more of the artists’ work here.

Love supporting people who are creative, independent and make the world beautiful.  Please consider buying handmade for the holidays!  Etsy is a great place to start looking if you don’t have any local fairs, bazaars, coops or shindigs about your town.


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